Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Anchor in the Storm

Never one to be intimidated, plucky young pharmacist Lilian Avery moves to Boston to fulfill her dreams of independence during the early weeks of World War II.  Frustrated by her gender, physical disability, and questions regarding unusual orders, her new boss constantly threatens to replace her.  Lillian's primary comfort is her budding friendship with her brother's best friend, Ensign Archer Vendenberg.  Shaken after seeing and experiencing so much carnage at sea, Arch struggles with his nerves, and notices some concerning behavior from his crew as well.  As he and Lillian begin to investigate, will the dangers they face encourage or crush their fledgling relationship?  Will Arch ever trust Lillian to truly love him, rather than his wealth?  Can Lillian ever allow herself to be vulnerable enough to accept love?

In Anchor in the Storm, Sarah Sundin tells a fascinating story of Boston at the start of WWII.  This second installment in her Waves of Freedom series picks up where the first left off, chronicling the lives of ordinary citizens and US Naval officers at a critical time in American history.  Having focused on aviation and nursing perspectives overseas in her previous trilogies, the plight of Americans on the home front paints a new and interesting picture.  These first two Waves of Freedom novels have also included fun and suspenseful mysteries for the main characters to solve.

With her characteristic devotion to historical accuracy as well as sweet love stories, Sundin has created yet another action-packed, heart-warming adventure.  Lillian and Arch are both well-developed, relatable, and realistic, and their romance is compelling and lovely.  This reader also enjoyed getting to follow the stories of favorite characters from Through Waters Deep as well!

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Thank you for the lovely review, Ellie Faye! I'm so glad you enjoyed Arch & Lillian's story!