Monday, October 24, 2016

Where Two Hearts Meet

The Red Door Inn's executive chef-- Caden Holt-- only truly feels confident and content in her well-stocked kitchen.  When a journalist comes to stay for the summer, though, Caden's boss asks her to show him the wonders of Prince Edward Island in an attempt to solve the inn's financial troubles.  Reporter Adam Jacobs has come to stay at the Red Door for a forced sabbatical after a particularly rough assignment in the Middle East.  As Caden and Adam's friendship grows, will Caden's insecurities take over when she learns Adam isn't the travel reporter she thought he was?  

Liz Johnson tells a lovely story of self-realization and forgiveness in Where Two Hearts Meet.  The breathtaking backdrop adds a bit of magic to an entertaining-- if not remarkable-- love story.  I personally found Adam's journey more compelling than Caden's.  While I can empathize with her insecurities, I had a difficult time understanding how the entire town seems to enjoy belittling her very existence.  Though it may not be an epic, compelling page-turner, Where Two Hearts Meet does what it intends to: tell a satisfying and entertaining contemporary love story.  

I received a free copy from the publisher.  No review, positive or otherwise, was required—all opinions are my own.

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