Monday, July 18, 2016

No Way Up

When a rockslide crushes ranch owner Chance Boden's leg, hired hand Heath Kincaid steps in an manages to save his boss's life.  Severely injured and bound for a hospital in Denver, Chance demands that his three grown children read his recently revised will.  The document-- Cole, Justin, and Sadie Boden soon discover-- requires each of them to live and work from their home for an entire year, or forfeit the beloved ranch to a despised cousin.  

Having read the will's contents, Heath suddenly finds himself in the middle of a host of complicated family squabbles... and increasingly drawn to his boss's daughter.  When Heath and the Bodens begin receiving threats and uncover evidence suggesting Chance's injury was no accident, the group must learn to trust one another to save the ranch.  Will these newly forged bonds be enough to overcome the obstacles keeping Sadie and Heath apart, or will they go their separate ways once Sadie's safety is assured? 

In No Way Up, Mary Connealy takes readers on another entertaining adventure.  This first novel of The Cimarron Legacy series picks up years after her Kincaid Bride's series ends and follow's Heath-- the youngest Kincaid brother-- to the New Mexico territory.  While Connealy's characters can often be a bit one dimensional, Heath, Sadie, Justin and Cole definitely have some depth.  But though their character development is interesting, it's also somewhat obvious and heavy-handed.  The struggles of belonging to such a tight-knit family, however, come across as real and believable.  The bits of New Mexican history, along with Connealy's trademark humor, make for a fast-paced, action-packed adventure in the Wild West.  

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  


I just happened to spend a few days camping in Cimarron Canyon, New Mexico earlier this month, so here's a look at the book's setting: 

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