Monday, March 6, 2017

The Vicar's Daughter

As the youngest of six daughters, Cassie Wilton has anxiously waited for years to enter society and find the perfect husband.  Due to her father's edict that only one of his daughters will ever be out at once, Cassie despairs that her shy and anxiety-ridden elder sister, Lenora, will ever find a match.  When Lenora enters her third season, Cassie decides that Lenora will never succeed without some help.

When Lenora has a chance encounter with Evan Glenside-- a kind clerk from London who has recently become his wealthy uncle's heir-- Cassie is convinced he is the perfect husband for her timid sister.  In an attempt to help the romance along, Cassie begins writing letters to Evan under Lenora's name.  As she learns more about Evan, however, Cassie finds herself falling in love with Evan herself.  When Evan begins to court Lenora in earnest-- believing her to be the author of the letters he holds dear-- will Cassie's deception ruin everything?

Josi S. Kilpack takes readers on a truly lovely journey in The Vicar's Daughter.  While the premise of this novel has certainly been told before, Kilpack's character development makes the story unique and compelling.  Even secondary characters like Evan's uncle and Cassie's parents have complex backstories that perfectly explain their thoughts and actions.  Evan's and Lenora's journeys to self-assurance and security are certainly fascinating, but Cassie's arc is truly excellent.  From a selfish and conniving debutante-to-be, to a truly contrite, humble, and mature young woman, Kilpack does an admirable job in creating a real and believable protagonist.  For much of the book, I honestly wasn't sure whom I wanted Evan to choose in the end.  I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to delve into and explore the complicated subjects of family, trust, loyalty, truth, and forgiveness.

 I received a free copy from the publisher.  No review, positive or otherwise, was required—all opinions are my own

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