Monday, September 5, 2016

Lady Unrivaled

Lady Ella Myerston is ready to put an end to the danger and intrigue that has plagued her family and friends for the past few years.  Even though everyone has tried to protect her, she knows exactly who has been attacking her loved ones... and why.  Without telling anyone else involved, she determines to take matters into her own hands.  Lord Cayton knows more than he would like about the cursed jewels Ella is researching, and decides to help her against his better judgment.  When the very people threatening Ella's family arrive to stay with Cayton, will he finally be able to set himself free from his past mistakes, redeem himself, and embrace the new life he has worked so hard to create?  Will he be strong enough to help Ella in her quest while also keeping her safe?  

In Lady Unrivaled, Roseanna M. White masterfully concludes her compelling Ladies of the Manor series.  The fascinating lore of the "Tiger Eyes," the intrigues and machinations of Edwardian England's elite, the powerful bonds of family and friendship, and the beautiful stories of forgiveness and redemption come together for a truly riveting and delightful read.  As a devoted fan of The Reluctant Duchess, I do wish Rowena had made an earlier appearance.  And while Brooke Stafford of The Lost Heiress has never been a favorite of mine, she grew on me in this final novel.  Both the mystery of the cursed diamonds and Ella and Cayton's love story are beautifully and satisfyingly concluded.  

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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