Monday, September 26, 2016

The Courageous Brides Collection

This collection of nine novellas takes readers on an entertaining adventure from Civil War battlefields, to the Wild West... and everywhere in between!  These stories from some of the biggest names in Christian Fiction tell of brave, compassionate women who each learn how to trust God in the midst of trouble.  

Each novella is a decent length, and perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon.  As is a common flaw in short stories, some of the character development is either sloppy, or lacking entirely.  The series is arranged well, and is reminiscent of a relay race: the first few start out strong, followed by the weakest components, then gradually regains the speed necessary to win readers in the end.  

Healing Promise by Johnie Alexander and An Everlasting Promise by Michelle Griep (one of my new favorite authors), don't disappoint with two lovely tales of strong women who learn to look past outward appearances to find true love.  

Love on the Run, by Debby Lee, though, is a bit too predictable-- even for romantic fiction-- and had far too many characters that I just couldn't seem to care much about.  Similarly, Rose Allen McCauley's Hidden Courage starts out well, but ends abruptly, and just a little too perfectly to be believed.

Donita Kathleen Paul's Encumbered Bride, however, renewed my faith in the genre with a story that perfectly blends history, adventure, and romance.  Almost as wonderful was Mountain Echoes, by Jennifer Uhlarik, which tells a beautiful story of overcoming fear and past disappointments to take a chance on true love.

While just a bit silly for my taste, Jennifer Walker's Letters from Lucy is a fun little tale of a sassy would-be journalist on a Wild West adventure.  Finally, Battlefield Bride by Renee Yancey shows readers the importance of learning to forgive oneself, and accept God's gifts when they come.

Despite a few flops, this collection is well worth the time, and quite enjoyable.  I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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