Monday, November 21, 2016

For the Record

Betsy Huckabee longs for a bit of independence and adventure, but living with her uncle's family and working for his small-town newspaper will never get her either.  When a dashing new deputy arrives in Pine Gap to solve a vigilante problem, though, she finds a perfect inspiration for a romantic serial to send the Kansas City papers she has been applying to unsuccessfully for years.  Will the exaggerated stories featuring the mysterious newcomer earn Betsy her freedom, or cause more trouble for everyone involved?  

Fleeing false accusations of impropriety, deputy Joel Puckett leaves his beloved Texas to prove himself by bringing law and order back to Hart County.  Will he be able to sort out the complicated politics and loyalties of Pine Gap's residents in time to earn their respect?  When Betsy's articles bring trouble back to his doorstep, will he be able to forgive yet another woman for jeopardizing his career?  

In For the Record, Regina Jennings picks up the enchanting and entertaining story of Pine Gap, Missouri.  I've absolutely loved Betsy since her appearance in Jenning's first installment of this series, and have long looked forward to hearing her story.  Joel is the perfect combination of brooding bachelor and honorable lawman to be wonderfully swoon worthy match for plucky, free-spirited Betsy.  With her typical subtlety, Jenning's asks tough questions of her readers while simultaneously telling an entertaining story.  Is there true justice outside the law?  Is one's reputation more important than the truth?  I thoroughly enjoyed this trip back to the Ozark Mountains and the compelling adventures that take place there.  

I received a free copy from the publisher.  No review, positive or otherwise, was required—all opinions are my own.

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