Monday, November 28, 2016

The Lady of the Lakes

In 1796, 19-year-old Walter Scott finally feels as though he may be ready to openly court and earn the hand of his childhood sweetheart, Mina.  Despite differences in their social status, Walter never doubts his love, or their eventual future together.  When Mina-- whose parents do not approve of Walter-- meets a dashing man from her own social sphere and quickly accepts his proposal, she crushes Walter's passionate heart.  Convinced he has forever lost the love of his life, Walter escapes to the lake country of England where he meets a woman who could not be any more different than Mina.  Charlotte-- a french orphan who has just accepted her future as a spinster-- finds herself drawn to Walter, but is too practical to expect him to feel for her what he felt for Mina.  Can Walter look beyond his heartache and learn to appreciate a love born of friendship and respect?  Will Charlotte be brave enough to even let him try?

Josi S. Kilpack tells an absolutely enchanting tale based on the true love story of Sir Walter Scott in The Lady of the Lakes.  The historical detail is both accurate and riveting, and Kilpack's storytelling is nothing short of excellent.  Even though I knew that Mina would prove inconstant, I still couldn't help but feel Walter's devastation.  Walter, Mina, and Charlotte are all exceedingly well-developed and believable characters who beg the reader to turn page after page.  I enjoyed every moment of Kilpack's quest to show the difference between one's "first love" and "true love."

 I received a free copy from the publisher.  No review, positive or otherwise, was required—all opinions are my own.

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