Monday, May 1, 2017

A Love So True

Evelyn Wisely absolutely loves her work ministering to the orphans and prostitutes of Teaville, Missouri.  Though her friends and family regularly try to convince her to court a number of eligible men in town and start a family of her own, Evelyn has always managed to push them away.  When the dashing David Kingsman arrives in the small town to manage one of his father's businesses for a few months, though, Evelyn lets her guard down.  Assuming that the handsome and charming younger man would never fall for a passed-over spinster, Evelyn allows herself to befriend David and accept his offered help with her various ministries during his stay in Teaville.  When it becomes apparent that they have fallen in love with one another-- despite their best intentions-- will David be able to stand up to his father and properly court Evelyn?  Will a closely guarded secret from Evelyn's past drive David away even before he has a chance?  

Melissa Jaguars tells yet another lovely story of grace, forgiveness, and love in A Love so True.  Neither David nor Evelyn are typical, run-of-the-mill historical fiction protagonists, and I loved them for it.  David's complaisance, need to be well-regarded, and overwhelming desire to please his demanding father made him particularly compelling and complex, and I loved watching him develop and evolve as a character.  Similarly, Evelyn's big secret was not at all what I expected, and added a believable twist to an enjoyable love story.  While it would be tough to top A Heart Most Certain as far as I'm concerned, I still thoroughly enjoyed this latest installment of Jagears's Teaville Moral Society series.  

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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