Monday, May 29, 2017

Heart on the Line

Grace Mallory finally feels safe in Harper's Station surrounded by supported friends, working at a job she loves, and getting to know a mysterious and engaging fellow telegraph operator every evening.  When she gets a message from a friend warning that the man who has hunted Grace for the last year has discovered her location, Grace must choose whether to trust her new friends and face the man responsible for her father's death, or continue to run.

Quiet, yet charming Amos Bledsoe knows he isn't the rugged and dashing hero most women look for in West Texas.  But as he talks nightly to his delightful telegraph companion-- Miss G.-- he begins to wonder if he has finally found a woman that will appreciate and love him for who he is.  When he finally builds up the courage to meet her in person, though, he discovers that his potential love interest may be in mortal danger.

Will Amos have the courage to leave his quiet and comfortable life to save Grace?  Will Grace be able to trust him even if he does?

In Heart on the Line Karen Whitemeyer takes readers back to Harper's Station for another entertaining story full of adventure, mystery, and love.  I adored the fact that Amos wasn't the typical gun-wielding, horse-riding, tough-guy hero of typical Western romances.  Small, shy, and introverted Grace was equally refreshing.  In addition to creating interesting characters, Whitemeyer manages to simultaneously tell a beautiful love story and intriguing mystery, while also teaching reminding readers to look beyond outward appearances.  I thoroughly enjoyed this latest installment, and can't wait to return to Harper's Station.

 I received a free copy from the publisher.  No review, positive or otherwise, was required—all opinions are my own.  

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